Blogging and what’s to come…

So this is the third website I’ve setup… Mainly due to a)design flaws b)cost c)being busy.

Hopefully, this one will be kept up to date, I’ve signed up to wordpress and I’m planning to use this thing to keep everyone posted on what’s happening in the world of 5th Spear.

What’s to come you ask?
Well, I was sat having a coffee with my brother this morning, thinking about what I can do with the website. Since I started experimenting with these things, all I’ve been thinking is ‘I won’t officially release the website until I’ve got my tracks finished, mastered and uploaded’, but in all honesty, what’s stopping me? I’ve always had this ideal of uploading finished tracks, but in the mean time I need to give you guys something. So I came to a decision…

I’ve been working on a DJ set-up. Not you’re bog standard decks and mixer (I’ve dabbled with this in the past, and ended up just playing track after track, and not really mixing), so I’ve put together an Ableton set-up, (which yes is still in the making) but it’s certainly got me started.

Each week I’m going to upload a new mix. The mix length may vary, but I’m thinking perhaps 10mins so that you guys can hear what I listen to, and simply enjoy the music. I’ll post them up onto soundcloud and link them in my ‘Listen’ section for you to click through and play. If I get enough interest I’ll start making them downloadable in different formats for you all.

What can you expect from the mixes?
Well, in all honesty I listen to a huge variation of music, and I don’t want to be tied down to just one genre (Drum&Bass, Dubstep, House etc) So I’m simply going to play what I’m listening to at that time. This means that you’ll get a glimpse (or maybe more) into the influences behind 5th Spear, and what I listen to. Some mixes may be a mash up of everything, some may be chilled out, some may be non stop skanking music, you never know.

Keep an eye out for my first mix to be uploaded sometime this week (possibly even today) and let me know your thoughts! This will be something for both you, and myself. I need the practice, and I don’t want you guys turning up to an empty page.

As I mentioned the mixes will be in the ‘Listen’ Section of the website, but I’ll post them up in a new blog whenever I upload one. So keep up to date with everything by using the Email sign up at the bottom of the page so you never miss them😉

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