News: March>April

So I feel as if I’ve been relatively quiet recently. I’ve skipped a few weeks of posting about creativity (or rather forgotten/not done/been too busy/not been busy/procrastination is king), so I thought I’d write a little update on goings on; or rather what’s not going on.

Reflecting on February I had a wonderful month away from a day job. This was the first time in around 10 years that I’d had this length of time off. It was great. However, I still managed to fill those 4 weeks or so with tonnes of stuff, meaning that I didn’t really take a break, but it was ok (I didn’t jet off on holiday anywhere is what I mean; I probably should have done that though)

I’d like to jump to late March. New day-job going swimmingly and I was fortunate enough to have been invited back to play for CHK ONE in Bristol. The guys kindly asked if I would pop down for a chat and performance on their new Facebook Live stream, so you can check that out by clicking the link below (only available on their Vimeo channel)

We played the live show with Pitch Black around a week later and it was probably one of the funnest gigs me and Matt had played despite us both being in terrible moods beforehand. We had great fun (Check out the cheeky live stream here: The team there are always so supportive and friendly, so I want to say a big thank you to CHK ONE for having us again. You can also check out a review of the night over on their website; some super kind words…

On to April; it’s been a weird one. You may or may not have noticed that there haven’t been any posts on creativity this month. I’ve been feeling a little fraudulent about the whole thing as I’ve been in a bit of a creative rut myself, so didn’t feel it appropriate to be preaching about things too much. This months topic was about Independents, so I wrote and re-wrote a few things which as per usual have lead to a few self realisations. These realisations will be posted soon for you to have a read, so I hope that they help in some way if you do read them, and I’ll be posting those throughout the last week of April.

I’ve got a few gigs lined up so keep your eyes on Facebook and Twitter to keep in the loop with those. Links are at the top ^^




News: February

This month is a bit of a turning point in my life. I’ve made many decisions to move forward looking toward the future, and a lot of my days have been spent planning work, money, time, and of course what I want to do with all of it.

I’m hoping this year to focus on quality over quantity, I’d made plans previously about a few releases this year, but have decided that after the mishap and delay of my Human Imperfections EP that I need to spend more time on myself rather than stressing about getting things done, but at the same time I feel that I’d like to make sure whatever I do this year is to the best of my abilities.

To add to this, a wonderful new opportunity cropped up during January, in which I was asked to do music for a feature length film this year. This is something I’ve never done before, and I’m really excited. My efforts for the next month or so will be purely focused on material for that rather than another EP release over the summer; however I feel that throughout this process I may of course come up with some stuff that I think suitable for yourselves to hear, so anything I feel won’t be used in the film will be put together for yourselves.

A couple of things before I finish up…



Also, please take some time to check out Bywyd Studios, some guys I’ve met through gigging have spent their hard earned money and time putting together a great little studio in Cardiff. The quality of their work is awesome, so please follow them on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc for regular updates and info on what they do.



NEWS: Human Imperfections EP now available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud

It’s been tough but I’ve decided that I’m happy enough with Human Imperfections that I would like for you all to take a listen. It’s also available for FREE.

The idea behind this EP for me was to give you an idea of me as a drummer, for those who haven’t seen me play live, I play live acoustic drums alongside anything I’ve released, this is my way of giving you an idea of what that can be like live.

So enjoy…

NEWS: Delay on Human Imperfections EP/Future Shows

Hi all,

So this is a personal note coming directly from yours truly.

I had my EP Release show at Gwdihw in Cardiff this Wednesday gone, and it was amazing. Great to see so many friendly faces there, and more so faces I didn’t recognise that had come especially to see the show. Thank you to all that came.

If you were there, you will have heard my small speech explaining the following…

As you all know Human Imperfections was due to be released today, but unfortunately due to health issues that have cropped up over the past weeks I have been unable to put the final touches on the EP to an extent that I am happy with.

I didn’t want to release an unfinished EP for the sake of a release date, and would prefer that you hear it when it’s ready and polished. The delay shouldn’t be that long (perhaps another week or two), but I hope you understand.

I also had issues with parts of the CD packaging not arriving on time, which also hasn’t helped, but those parts have now been delivered so they’re ready to be pressed packed and sent if you would like to order any.

Thank you all for your understanding…

On a positive note, I’ve been invited down to Bristol to support Pitch Black in March at The Attic Bar. I’ll be posting updates on this soon.

THIS WEEK: New 5th Spear EP Release

This is just a reminder that my new Human Imperfections EP will be released THIS WEEK  alongside my first show of 2017 at Gwdihw. You can grab tickets here


Human Imperfections EP 27/01/17

HOWEVER you will be able to get your hands on first release editions at my show alongside some of my other releases. To celebrate I’ll be offering up the CDs at the show for pennies as a thanks to yourselves for attending, so please come down, say hey and enjoy the show.


Human Imperfections EP Launch at Gwdihw – 25/01/17