My Imperfect Bubble


It’s been a while, and yes I feel like I say that constantly on here; because yes I’m flaky, and sometimes I don’t stick to a plan. Remind you of anybody?

It genuinely looks like my last post was around 13 months ago, which is sad and regret-able, but at the same time I’m not going to beat myself up about it. A lot has happened since then.

I got married to this lovely lady back in July and we had an amazing day – Here we are stood looking across Edinburgh as part of our honeymoon.


Good news is is that I’ve got a couple of new tunes out which I’ve uploaded. You can find them on the home page or head over to soundcloud to check them out – They will hit bandcamp and spotifty sooner or later…

Despite the ‘up-beatness’ about them, they were actually written in a really dark time for me; which is one of the reasons I haven’t been so active of late.

I will rarely talk about this sort of thing with anyone and I don’t like to go into detail, so don’t feel offended if you weren’t aware; but a big thanks to those who listened or unknowingly held my heads above the waves.

All is good now though and I’m happy to finally share this with you. I have one other track which I’m still unwilling to release just yet; but maybe soon.

Keep your eyes pealed for a music video soon too 😀


Life vs Creativity (4/4): Make a Decision

This feels to me to be the perfect time to write this. I’ve recently been finishing my Human Imperfections EP, and if you follow my posts you will notice that I’ve had to delay it’s official release due to illness; illness partly caused by stress. This illness lead to me not being able to sit down and do the final mixes comfortably, and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t rushing the process for the sake of it… Thus begins the final blog post regarding ‘Life vs Creativity’.

“…consider which is more important.”

At the end of the day, in order to be creative we need to have the time to do so. In order to do this we may need to reconsider what’s more important; creativity or life? It’s a decision that I’ve made over and over again, and this can lead to some awkward situations. Perhaps work is getting in the way? Well then work needs to change. Perhaps social time with friends is getting in the way? True friends will be understanding and supportive. Perhaps you’ve been successful with creativity and it’s lead to being so busy being creative for someone else, that you can’t be creative for yourself perusing the true career you desire. Consider each thing, and consider which is more important.

“…you will benefit, and those around you will also benefit.”

Making the decision to allow time for your creativity will benefit you both creatively and emotionally. If creativity is important, and you’re not getting to be creative, you will likely dive into a pit of depression, possibly un-aware of the cause; and this could be it. If you make the decision of which is more important to you then you will benefit, and those around you will also benefit. I often find myself apologising if I’m in a mood, as often it’s down to not having the time to be creative and do the thing I really love. Without becoming too self-loathing, really think about how what you do affects the people around you, and what you should do to improve that affect.

“…allow yourself the downtime after the fact; otherwise you will burn out…”

To add to this, as I have learned you need to realise if you’re trying to do too much at once. We can all make the time, but are we allowing time for rest and de-stress from life? It is as important to rest as it is to do the things we love. Creativity is work. This obviously depends on your personal opinion of whether creativity is simply a hobby or your career, but despite the outcome it involves huge amounts of brain power to be creative, and you need to allow yourself the downtime after the fact; otherwise you will burn out and find you are unable to achieve the things you wanted to achieve originally. There is only so much the body can take.

“…we need to realise that sometimes we need to do what we want to do.”

Whenever you make these decisions, you will immediately see spikes in your creativity and productivity. Stress and anxiety can often hold us back from doing what we want to do as we don’t believe we need to do it. For our own mental health and well-being we need to realise that sometimes we need to do what we want to do. So it’s time to make a decision that counts, and follow through with it. We only have ourselves to blame for any dry spell in creativity, but don’t allow that blame to last and get you down or get in the way. Take action and move forward.

Playlist: Relax

Here’s a playlist of some of favourite tunes just to sit back and relax to… In fact one of my all time favourite pieces of music are on here. I heard it in a cafe at the age of 16/17 and it’s stuck with me since. Some are emotive, some are instrumental and relaxing, some of them give me chills whenever I hear them. Just thought I’d share, so enjoy…